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The National Football League is the National Football League, or NFL for short. It is a huge rugby league in the United States. There are 32 teams in the league, which are divided into two major federations: the American Football Conference (AFC, the American League) and the National Football Conference (NFC, the National League). Each federation has 16 teams, divided into 4 sub-regions: East, South, West and North. There are 4 teams in each division.

CarRentalAgency.org is the only manufacturer of nfl jerseys clothing, with special wholesale jerseys! In foreign countries, genuine NFL jerseys can be roughly divided into three categories, from low-end to high-end: Replica Jersey, advanced fan edition ( Premier Jersey/EQT Jersey), Player Edition (Authentic). The difference between the different jerseys is mainly in the jersey fabric, number fabric, and clothing style.

Replica Jersey

Offset printing fan version (Replica Jersey) jersey, hereinafter referred to as the offset printing jersey. The direct translation in English is "copy jersey", which means that the appearance imitates the player jersey, but the fabric, number and clothing style are very different from the player version. The fabric of the offset jersey is very thin, the number, the player name sleeve The team logo on the sub (if any), the circle on the sleeve (if any), and the Reebok logo are all offset printing. According to the clothing type, the clothing type of the offset jersey is suitable for normal wear, unlike the player version, which should be suitable for protective gear. The front hem of the offset jersey is shorter than the back hem. The price of this jersey is relatively cheap, and the adult version of the jersey is sold for about $70. NFL Replica Jersey offset fan version jersey, the jersey number, player name, team name, team logo are all offset!

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