What league is the nfl? Its status is higher than the NBA!

NFL refers to the American Professional Football League. china jerseys nfl NFL ranks first among the four major professional sports leagues in North America (NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA), and it is also the largest professional football league in the world. NFL Its status and commercial value in the United States are higher than those most familiar to Chinese fans. cheap jerseys nike NBA.

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1. Development history:

In 1874, rugby’s predecessor, Lebi cheap football jerseys, was introduced to the United States, and professional football appeared in 1892.

In 1920, the American Professional Football Association was established, the following year changed its name to the National Football League, which is the earliest NFL.

In 1960, a league competing with the NFL, the American Football League (AFL), was formed.

In the 1970 season, the two major leagues, the AFL and the NFL, officially merged, abandoning the inappropriate competition beyond sportsmanship. 10 AFL teams joined the existing NFL teams to form the NFL’s American Football Association, which has spread to the present NFL. .

After the merger, the championship game was renamed the Super Bowl and became the NFL’s championship game.

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2. Competition system:

The regular season is played in 17 weeks, with one round per week, and each team needs to play 16 games in the regular season. The regular season starts in mid-September each year and ends in late December or early January of the following year. After the regular season, the league’s 4 division champions plus the 2 best second-place teams (ie, wild card teams) enter the playoffs, and the winners of the American League finals and the National League finals will compete in the Super Bowl. The final winner of the season was decided.

3. Super Bowl:

That is, a game for the NFL championship. It has topped the ratings in the United States for many years. The day of the Super Bowl has become an American carnival festival. It is one of the most watched sports events. It is reported that the food consumed on that day. The amount is second only to the traditional western festival Thanksgiving.

4. Commercial value:

The commercial value of the NFL ranks first among the four major leagues in North America. Before the official start of the season, the NFL will also hold exhibition games in international locations outside the United States, which is loved by the world. China is not particularly fond of rugby, so the NBA has a greater influence in China, but it is not as good as rugby in the United States.

5. Well-known players:

Quarterback Tom Brady: Seven-time Super Bowl champion, five-time Super Bowl MVP.